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Mnisota 2055: Postcards from An (im)Possible Future

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What if the future didn’t have to be terrible? Even with as much time as many of us spend thinking about the climate crisis, we don’t spend a lot of time envisioning the future that we are fighting for. Sure, we imagine the pieces: the technology that will help us adapt to a changing climate, the vehicles we’ll use…but what about the rest? What will music, fashion, art, look like after we achieve a fossil free future? Mnisota2055: Postcards from an (im)Possible Future is an invitation to take a step beyond dreaming. Step into our portal to 2055 and see how it feels. Get inspired by work from artists across Minnesota, take a photo of yourself in this future, and send yourself a postcard that we will mail back to you this fall.


Lead Artist:

Ashley Fairbanks is an Anishinaabe artist, writer, and Creative Director for the 100% Campaign. She’s rooted in storytelling and art as tactics for making the critical changes we must make to ensure a future for our species. She’s lived in Texas for two years but she’ll always be a Southsider.

Contributing artists:

Mike Bishop is an arts organizer, event producer and Operations Director of Public Functionary, a Minneapolis-based platform and space for multi-disciplinary cultural production. A life-long steward of Minneapolis art spaces, Mike also facilitates conversation spaces around dismantling racism and toxic masculinity.

Nolan Morice is the founder and director of Linebreak Media, a creative agency and video production company that crafts stories into powerful instruments for change. Born and raised in Minneapolis, Nolan works with movements and organizations across the country to push the boundaries of creative communication.

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