Mino Oski Ain Dah Yung and Native Youth Arts Collective,
Start At Home

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How can we change the world if we don’t start in our own communities?   We need to scale that back and start with immediate community needs. Let’s share space with one another and paint positive change together during this collaborative banner design.  This painted banner will hold conversations around joy, healing, solutions, and connectivity within ourselves and one another. Our community needs healing, happiness, and connections!

Accessibility note: scent sensitivity – paint.

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Contributing Artists: Courtney Cochran of Skoden Studio
Team Credits: Mino Oski Ain Dah Yung art therapy group with Sharla Burth and Breanna Bisek. Native Youth Arts Collective with Courtney Cochran of Skoden Studio.
Native Youth Arts Collective (NYAC) bio: The Native Youth Arts Collective (NYAC), a Little Earth Residents Association (LERA) program aims to provide a culturally-supportive and sustainable environment where youth can express their cultural identities through art. NYAC provides weekly (Wednesday’s from 5-7pm) arts opportunities for youth ages 14-24, from Little Earth and the surrounding East Phillips neighborhood.  Programming includes hands-on individual and collaborative art making activities with various community partners and individual artists. Some of the past projects have been with NACDI/AMRA, Highpoint Printmaking, The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis College of Art and Design and many local Indigenous artists.  

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Victoria Theater Arts Center 825 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55104 Accessibility note: scent sensitivity - paint.

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