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Sewing Circle is an artist-operated, treadle-powered sewing machine integrated into a folding, circular table that seats six people (including the artist). This tool creates opportunities for participants to connect to their own creativity through hands-on textile art activities, while also connecting to each other through conversation. The project can go almost anywhere; it folds up and fits either onto a custom-designed bicycle trailer or into a car.

Sewing Circle is as flexible as a sewing machine and work space. It has been used to create a community quilt with squares decorated by participants, and to repair clothing in conjunction with hand-sewing in a mending workshop. Sewing can build connections across generations and cultures and practical skills within people. Contact the artist to brainstorm ways this tool can engage people with your event or organization.

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Artist bio:

Stephanie Lynn Rogers creates artistic interventions in everyday life for the purposes of connecting people and places and sparking conversation.

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Stephanie Lynn Rogers
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