Tyler Olsen-Highness and Sydney Latimer,
Post Office to the Ancestors

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A radical act of remembrance.

This interactive, silent experience offers people the chance to connect with those they’ve lost. At a time that is filled with grief for those who have moved on- to death, through time, from conflict, or amidst gentrification- we will host a space filled with remembrance and honor.

Our gentle guides will greet you and present you with conduits for connection:

Write a letter to someone who you’ve lost.
Read a poem that treads the path of darkness or joy.
Create a piece of art as a gift to the ancestors.
Embrace stillness on a planet that keeps turning.

The choice is yours. Stay as long as you like.

The Post Office to the Ancestors will be a place of healing, peace, sadness, grieving and growth. A place to share with the unknown, pause, and hold hands with our collective loss. In touching grief, we will also touch gratitude.

At the end of your time here, you are invited to sit in a circle of reflection and light, and hold past, present, and future together with community.

You are welcome.

Accessibility notes: portions of this project take place on grass which may be uneven. Scent sensitivity: palo santo incense.


Artists Bio:

Tyler Olsen-Highness is a theater artist, teacher, and collaborator from Saint Paul, MN. Specializing in work that puts the audience at the center of the art, he’s created over 70 original productions and is the founder of Dangerous Productions, a company specializing in the macabre and ridiculous.

Sydney Latimer (Divinewords) is a queer interdisciplinary artist, writer, and activist from the Twin Cities, MN. As a poet and visual artist, they have worked with The Last Poets, Ursula Rucker, Eyedea & Abilities, Brother Ali, The Guerilla Girls, and Barry McGee (Twist). Since 2015, Sydney has been developing a new experimental Afro-Gothic surrealism project called “Divine’s Toxic Tea Party”, which is best described as the exploration of post-apocalyptic dreamscapes in the unsettlingly creepy landscape of the uncanny valley. Outside of their accomplishments in performance and visual arts, Sydney is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, a former contributor for the Huffington Post, a three-time marathon finisher, Tough Mudder NoCalFinisher, and has been recognized for their outstanding achievements in the arts and community activism for social justice and LGBTQ+ rights.

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Victoria Theater Arts Center 825 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55104 Accessibility notes: portions of this project take place on grass which may be uneven. Scent sensitivity: palo santo incense.

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