Nick Knutson,
From Dusk till Dark: Waves in the Night

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Outside Springboard for the Arts, glowing lights emanate from the rooftop and a dull pulsing beat is felt in the distance. As audience goers roam the building, a red velvet rope is present near the elevator. An ominous figure guides you in and escorts you to your precarious location. As the mysterious elevator doors open to the rooftop, the audience is then immersed in an audio/visual experience that emulates an exclusive vampire club showcased in various movies. The dance floor where guests gather will light up and encourage your movement across the space; the projected images will inspire macabre thoughts as the ambient music from bass-driven dark dance and intense gothic rock create a cathartic experience to shake off the stresses of a thousand days.



Contributing Artists:

Jei Herald-Zamora – Gwiingwans – DJ
Joseph Allshouse – First Church of the Corrupted Signal – Video Artist
Jennifer Waege – Hyperkarma – DJ
Jamie Larson – Elysium Alps – DJ

Artist Bios:

Nick Knutson creates bombastic interactive installation experiences that orbit pop culture, community engagement, and creative placemaking. Many of the large-scale works he produces act as platforms for performative artists, musicians, and DJs. Knutson’s work leaves a lasting impression on its surroundings and gives the audience an opportunity to rock out.

Gwiingwans (LCO Ojibwe/Spirit Lake Dakota), a queer Darksider from the Rez living in the Little Apple who likes all things spooky and #alterNATIVE, has brought in fellow DJs.

Hyperkarma (Ho-chunk), alias of Minneapolis’s Jennifer Waege, knows from dark music how to find sounds from the underground and make sense of dualities one mix at a time.

Elysium Alps creates a distinctive aural experience to cater to tastes of baby bats and elder vampires alike.

The First Church of the Corrupted Signal (White Earth Ojibwe) contributes visual art created by warping analog video sourced from VHS archives to deliver haunting transmissions.

Accessibility note: this project contains sound and blinking lights.

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Springboard for the Arts 262 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55103 Accessibility note: this project contains sound and blinking lights.

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