Felicia Cooper, Kallie Melvin & Alex Young,
The Official Bureau of Lost Things


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Join The Bureau’s one-night-only Open House for a chance to purview years of archived loss and submit your own. Lost Things will be projected through live, improvised shadow puppets as they enter our database, and The Bureau’s guests will have the opportunity to bid them farewell in whatever ways they see fit. Gather to bid farewells, good riddances, and hearty see-you-nevers. You are cordially and officially invited to engage in a self-led ritual as you process your lost things through our patented systems.



Artist Bios:

Felicia Cooper is a puppeteer and theater artist from the East Coast. Selected residencies include Winterthur Museum and Gardens, the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, New Hazlett Theater, folkLAB, and Redwing Blackbird Puppet Theater, Bread and Puppet Theater, and Acheson Walsh Studios. She makes work to celebrate shared curiosity and wonder.

Kallie Melvin is a Twin Cities-based puppeteer and teaching and performing artist. She has worked Monkeybear Harmolodics Workshop, In the Heart of the Beast, Z Puppets, Puppet Lab, the Weisman Museum of Art, Open Eye Figure Theater, The Minnesota Museum of American Art, Barebones Puppets, and more. She is also the Acting Regional Director of Puppeteers of America’s Great Plains Region. She uses her original puppetry work as a means to tell stories and explore her experiences as a transracial, intercontinental adoptee growing up in the Twin Cities, as well an any other story she has the opportunity to help bring to life.

Alex Young is a Minneapolis-based puppeteer/speech-language pathologist. Original works includes Split (International Shadow Puppet Slam 2021), PageTurner (International Shadow Puppet Slam 2019), On the Beach (Full Moon Puppet Show 2019), Pizza Party (International Toy Theatre Festival 2020), Rat Planet (48 Hr Puppet Film Project 2020), Big Shot (Puppet Playlist #20), and Labyrinthian. Performance credits include Tiger Tales (Chinese Theatre Works), Chang-Er Flies to the Moon (CTW), Monkey and the Mountain of Fiery Flames (CTW), Mulan (CTW), Discrepancies (Kate Brehm), The Paper Hat Game (Torry Bend), If My Feet Have Left The Ground (Torry Bend), Bubbles of Hope (Andrey Barnetev), and Zahhak: The Serpent King (Hamid Rahmanian).

Team Credits:

Olli Johnson and Pete Talbot – Machine Design and Fabrication Support ollimadethis.com

Accessibility note: this project takes place on grass which may be uneven.

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Springboard for the Arts Accessibility note: this project takes place on grass which may be uneven.

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