Eva Adderley,
Drive-in Movie Extravaganza

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The nostalgic magic of enjoying a drive-in movie on a warm night has never been more needed than it is now. Our Drive-In Movie Extravaganza is an artistic spin on a classic summer treat, featuring cardboard art cars parked in front of a shadow puppet screen. Festival-goers may choose to participate by sitting in one of our whimsical cars and watching the shows, or by becoming the show themselves! Attendees interested in getting creative may go behind the shadow screen where they will get to select a genre-specific theme song and pick from a delightful array of shadow puppets with which to tell their stories. Throughout the night, there will also be pre-made shows by local professional shadow puppeteers for viewers to enjoy. We can’t wait to see you at the drive-in!



Artist Bios:

Eva Adderley is a multimedia artist and writer. She creates puppet shows, comics, stories, and immersive art experiences. She has worked with community arts organizations such as the Northern Spark Festival, Barebones Puppets, and Art Shanty Projects. Her work is inspired by nature, social justice, and the urge to bring magic to others.

Dan DeMarco is a singer-songwriter who performs under the name Admiral Fox, a versatile band whose songs range from acoustic numbers to punk rock jams to art pop explorations. He has collaborated with Eva Adderley and Laura Korynta by creating original scores for their puppet shows.

Laura Korynta is a multimedia artist who lives in St. Paul. She explores the narratives of folktales of women through the use of traditional and unconventional watercolor, paper sculptures, dioramas, and puppetry. She is inspired by the landscapes of Minnesota and her wanderings around the world.

Thomas Boguszewski is a puppeteer, filmmaker and cartoonist who has been investigating monsters, robots and aliens since 1991. He loves the pulp poetry of B-movies and so is delighted to help Eva bring Northern Spark audiences into the silver (shadow) screen.

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Victoria Theater Arts Center this project takes place on grass which may be uneven. One cardboard car is wheelchair accessible.

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